Oct 22, 2012

Some facts about National Emblem

As per our current National Symbols collection updating in these time of our festive season Deshera is in day after tomorrow and Diwali a festival of lights is coming soon. we posted Some facts about our National Song and in our upcoming posts we give you more information regarding our more National symbols. as in part of this series we giving some facts about Our National Emblem as mention below in points which makes easy to remember and to the point exam oriented. If you got any information inappropriate and we missed out some important point in this regard feel free to comment we will rectify that as soon as possible.
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  • Our National Emblem is adopted from the Sarnath Lion Capital of Ashoka on 26 Jan, 1950.
  • Similar structure of Sarnath Lion capital was also found in Thailand.
  • In this national emblem of India, there are four lions, in which only three lions are visible, the fourth lion being hidden from view. 
  • The wheel appears in relief in the center of the abacus with bull on right and horse on left.
  • The bell shaped lotus (as in the original) has been omitted. 
  • The other animals present in the emblem are : An Elephant and a Lion.
  • The words " Satyameva Jayate " are inscribed below the abacus in Devanagri script. These word's Satyameva Jayate are taken from Mundaka Upanishad

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