Dec 2, 2013

IBPS Interview, Process, Help, Questions, Discussion

In this post we will share on Interview process and its importance and what we are supposed to study. (Bang hard on mind-What to do now?)

everything written here is from past experiences as Shared by one of our friends (from as he had many Bank Interviews :) )

1.)NO Matter how less or how much you score
Interview is very important. Last year just due to interview guys who have scored 160 marks was the person who scored 150 :)

so that clearly underlines the importance of Interview.

2.)now comes the important question of what to read ?

For engineers (most of you are) the Make or break question is

"Why Banking after Engineering ?"

if you gave an answer to this question perfectly and justified this question with a proper explanation you are in :) Cheers!

Because the guys sitting in the panel won't b knowing much about our subjects (no prize for guessing my bachelor's degree.) for them all depends on this question and other questions related to economy like something which has come into newspaper recently something related to SEBI/RBI/etc like that will utmost important so have sharp look on that in the coming days :)

if you are from commerce

Then buddy you are gonna has roller coaster ride because most of the guys will be having degree/knowledge of that so make sure you read the important subject or topics before entering the interview room.

for any other student
they might ask about the importance of the degree in banking or why you choose that particular course etc kind of stuff so keep these answers ready :)

Another thing which I would like to add

Banks are not looking for the persons who are super duper intelligent because then they will do frauds
so kindly keep your intelligent wings down let things go calmly

This post if for start will keep on posting different things :)

and most Important Start Reading Newspaper ASAP

if someone likes to ask Some specific thing that PM will reply him/her on PM or will include that in Next post


  1. my interview Experience for IBPS po2
    4 people in one panel and all r old one Punjabi one bong and other two non bongs
    what is ur name and meaning of ur name?
    tell me about yourself?
    do u read news paper ? which news paper and editor of the news paper?
    do u watch cricket? (no) so whats ur fav sport? (swimming)
    national heritage animal?(elephant)
    hawala act?
    types of accounts?
    where is it sector in kolkata? India it sector what is is known as? world biggest it sector name
    minister of it
    what else
    Indian agriculture about rice and potato(i could not answer)
    i cannot recall other questions
    interview lasted for 22 mins
    center ubi tower on 24th jan po2

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