Sep 7, 2012

Test your knowledge part 9 World Organization

Objective  World  Organization (O.W.O.)

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The only source of knowledge is experience. 

Q. 1 The charter of the UN was signed on June 26,1945 at:
(A) Geneva 
(B) San Francisco
(C) California
(D) Paris
Ans : ( B )

Q. 2 The United Nations Day is observed annually on : 
(A) November 14
(B) October 24
(C) October 2
(D) October 30

Ans : ( B )

Q. 3 Which of the following is not a subsidiary agency of the United Nations?

Ans : ( D )

Q. 4 Which one of the following overseas the administration of the UN trust territories? 
(A) International Court of Justice
(B) Trusteeship Council
(C) General Assembly
(D) Security Council

Ans : ( B )

Q. 5 The headquarters of the UN University is located at:
(A) Geneva 
(B) Bonn 
(C) Tokyo
(D) New York

Ans : ( C )

Q. 6 Which security pact was also called Baghdad pact:
(D) East European Security Pact

Ans : ( B )

Q. 7 UNCTAD is: 
(A) International Development Agency
(B) UN Agency for Third World Development 
(C) UN Conference on Trade and Development 
(D) Agency for the Promotion of Science and Technology

Ans : ( C )

Q. 8 World Trade Organization (WTO) came into existence in:
(A) 1996
(B) 1998
(C) 1995
(D) 1997

Ans : ( C )

Q. 9 The year 2006 was observed by the UN as: 
(A) World Population Year 
(B) International Year of the Child
(C) International Youth Year
(D) International Year of Deserts and Desertification 

Ans : ( D )

Q. 10 World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) was formed in the year:
(A) 1967
(B) 1976
(C) 1965
(D) 1968

Ans : ( A )


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