Oct 20, 2012

Must read before any Defense Exam

As yesterday we share the national symbol post that as you are suppose to give recruitment exams in India so you must know about our National Symbols. If you miss  it to read out checkout last post Some facts about our National Song.

Here in this post you are able to identifies some Defense Productions and for what they are meant for. You Must Expect at-least one question in DRDO (Defense Research and Development Organisation) recruitment exam and all the exams which conducts via Indian defense team.

You may recommend any further enchantments to increase the list we mention by commenting below in comment section.

  1. TEJAS        : Light Combat Aircraft
  2. Lakshaya     :  Pilotless Target Aircraft
  3. Dhruva        : Advanced Light Helicopter
  4. Sarang         : Advanced Light Helicopter
  5. SARAS        :  Multipurpose civilian Aircraft
  6. NISHANT   : UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vechile)
  7. RUSTOM    :  UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vechile)
  8. DAKSH       : UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vechile)
  9. Pinaka          : Multi Barrel Rocket Launcher System
  10. IL-78           : Mid Air Refiller 
  11. ARJUN        : Tank 
  12. VIJAYANTA: Tank
  13. AJEYA         : Tank
  14. BHISHMA    : Tank
  15. VARUNASHTRA: Torpedo
  16. TAKSHAK   : Torpedo

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