Sep 5, 2012

Test your Knowledge part 7 5sep2012 teachers day

The only source of knowledge is experience. 

Q. 1 With which among the following names, the Akula-ll class Nerpa nuclear attack submarine produced from Russia will be inducted in Indian Navy?
(A) INS Gati
(B) INS Durga
(C) INS Chakra 
(D) INS Maurya

Q. 2 The most distant NASA probe ever powered by the sun, has been sent to which among the following planets?

(A) Mercury
(B) Mars
(C) Jupiter
(D) Saturn

Q. 3 World's tallest Tower "Kingdom Tower" is coming up in which up of the following cities?
(B) Dar-ul-Islam
(C) Jeddah
(D) Istanbul

Q. 4 Ploymetallic Modules (PMN) predominatly contain____?
(A) Calcium 
(B) Magnesium
(C) Manganese
(D) Copper

Q. 5 Which temple has opened for the Hindu Pilgrimage on the orders of Peshwar High Court, after six decades of Locking?
(A) Gorakhnath temple at Peshawar
(B) Shiv temple at Peshawar
(C) Shakti Peeth at Peshawar
(D) Gurudwara Sahib at Peshawar

Q. 6 The advanced Landing Ground of vijay nagar, renovated and opened for indian air forced in november,2011, is in______ 
(A) Meghalaya
(B) Arunachal Pradesh 
(C) Sikkim 
(D) Manipur

Q. 7 Which unit of indian Para-Miltiry forces is installed in haiti for UN stabilization mission?

Q. 8 'Jiuquau' is a satellite launch center of which of the following country?
(A) China
(B) Japan
(C) South Korea 
(D) Kazakhstan

Q. 9 US space agency which launched the NPP satellite, a first of its kind, is related to
(A) Defence 
(B) Communication
(C) Weather and Climate
(D) Space Research 

Q. 10 India has signed an agreement with which country to exchange convicted prisoners to serve the rest of their sentences back home?
(B) Qutar
(C) Pakistan
(D) EU

Solutions : 1- C , 2- C , 3- C , 4- C , 5- A , 6- B , 7- A , 8- A , 9- C , 10- A

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