Aug 31, 2012

Test your Knowledge part 1- August End Last date 2012

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Q.1 which of the following National park in India is removed from UNESCO's In-Danger Tag?
(A) Kaziranga
(B) Simipal
(C) Sunabeda
(D) Manas

Q.2 Who is the New managing Director of Delhi Metro?

(A) Mangu Singh
(B) E. Sreedharan
(C) Ashok Chawla
(D) L.M.Lyenger

Q.3 What is the name of the political party formed by Late Dev Anand's
(A) National Renaissance
(B) the Natinal Party of India
(C) Bharat Sabha
(D) Indian NAtional Society

Q.4 What is the name of dev anand's Autobiography?
(A) Golden Era
(B) Devzindagi
(C) Romancing with life
(D) My story of life

Q.5 Which of the Following island is the matter of Controversy between Argentina and Britain ?
(A) Falkland island
(B) Cook island
(C) New England island
(D) Port of Spain

Q.6Which is the capital of Falkland island?
(A) Tegucigalpa
(B) Port Stanley
(C) Port Su Prince
(D) Kingston

Q.7 What is the name of Maldives President , who recently resigned from office?
(A) Mohammad jalib
(B) Mohammad nasheed
(C) Albedine benkarine
(D) Goodluck jonathan

Q.8 Who is the current president of Syria?
(A) Hosni Mubar
(B) Albedine Bankarine
(C) Bashar Al Asad
(D) Hamadi Jalabi

Q.9 Which country recently has got membership of WTO?
(A)  Taiwan
(B) North Korea
(C) Russia
(D) Iran

Q.10 Which is the Capital of Syria?
(A) Damascus
(B) Dam-mam
(C) Juba
(D) Rabat

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Solutions : 1- D, 2-A , 3- B , 4- C , 5- A , 6- B , 7- B , 8- C , 9- C , 10- A

We fight, we know more. We lie, we trust more. We hurt, we love more. We ignore, we miss more. 

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