Sep 15, 2012

Famous Persons: Test your knowledge part 17

Q. 1 Which of the following head of the state won the Nobel Price for Peace in 1971?
(A) Margaret Thatcher
(B) Mrs. Indira Gandhi
(C) Willy Brandt
(D) John F Kennedy 
Ans : ( C )

Q. 2 The name of Indian born British author who was issued a death threat (Fatwa) by Ayatollah Khomeini is :
(A) Salman Rushdie 
(B) Pamella Bordes 
(C) R K Narayan 
(D) Mitra Nayar

Ans : ( A )

Q. 3 Satish Gujral is a famous:
(A) painter 
(B) architect 
(C) violinist 
(D) sitarist 

Ans : ( A )

Q. 4 Ayatollah R. Khomeini was the religious leader of which of the following country?
(A) Iran 
(B) Iraq
(C) Saudi Arabia 
(D) India

Ans : ( A )

Q. 5 Which of the following is popularity known as "Lady with the Lamp"? 
(A) Mother Teresa 
(B) Florence Nightingale 
(C) Sarojini Naidu 
(D) Isabella Archer

Ans : ( B )

Q. 6 Hawaiian Islands were discovered in 1778 by the legendary: 
(A) Captain James Cook
(B) John Cabot 
(C) Christopher Columbus 
(D) Vasco da Gama

Ans : ( A )

Q. 7 Who is called the "Father of Geometry"?
(A) Bertrand Russel 
(B) Aristotle 
(C) Euclid 
(D) Archimedes 

Ans : ( E )

Q. 8 The first human being to land on moon is:
(A) Yuri Gagarin 
(B) Neil Armstrong 
(C) Rakesh Sharma 
(D) Robert Medereze

Ans : ( B )

Q. 9 The communist Party of the Chinese People's Republic was founded by:
(A) Huo Kua Fenge
(B) Chiang Kai Shek
(C) Chou-en-Lai
(D) Mao-tse-Tung

Ans : ( D )

Q. 10 Who was the first President of USA?
(A) Abraham Lincoln 
(B) Wilson Woodrow 
(C) George Washington 
(D) Thomas Jefferson

Ans : ( C )

Famous Persons 

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